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Every month ROC Family Support successfully delivers thousands of hours of essential support work for local authorities, children and young people and parents in County Durham and Teesside to help families in times of challenge

What We Do

  • Supervised contact/transport for local authorities with reports for social work/court use
  • Supported contact for mediation (we have enhanced accreditation with National Association of Child Contact Centres)
  • Outstanding home support for under 25s
  • Outreach/respite for children and young people with complex needs
  • Family support services e.g. monitoring visits, parent coaching

The service, which used to be called Reach Out Care Support Services, was started in 2001. Our portfolio includes Children In Need, Looked After Children and Children with Complex Needs.

We are proud to have Investing in Children accreditation which demonstrates our listening culture.


“During our inspection we found the organisation was very much child and family-centred, inclusive and underpinned by a genuine desire to offer as high a quality service as possible.”

“It has helped provide a safe and neutral environment in which I can establish a relationship with y daughter. We had never met, so this was a great platform with great support to help initiate our first encounter, taking all concerns into account…All issues were dealt with the upmost respect and consideration of both parties” Parent
“The centre has provided the perfect environment and service to enable my client with an acquired brain injury to see and regularly re-establish contact with his daughter.” Solicitor
“the staff are always happy and here if you need to talk to them about anything” Parent
“The staff are very accommodating and provide detailed feedback within a reasonable timeframe” Social worker
“I like my worker and they couldn’t do anything better” Child
“Staff are always professional, friendly and willing to help at all times” Parent
“all staff are fantastic and try their very best to resolve any issues” Social worker